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Opening Night

First of all, welcome! My goal in launching this site is to share my enthusiasm and tap into yours for the hobbies and passions that have long been essential parts of our lives. Having been an active and at times rabid baseball fan since 1961, I've spend a large part of every spring, summer and early fall following the unsurpassed day by day drama that is baseball. Images we joyously absorb and hold so fondly, stories we love to share -- no other professional sport has the ability to make a fan think of both the action unfolding, as well as reference it to personalities, places and performances of the past. This ever unfolding story also has a visual aspect, which I have captured in many different places over the years. As we meet at this online "clubhouse," I look forward to sharing some of my favorite sports photography and how these images touch our lives. For this "opening night," a glimpse of a night game from last March -- Spring Training at Holman