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Citi Changes Are Coming

After three seasons plagued by losing records, a lack of offense and declining attendance, the Mets have announced major changes are coming to Citi Field in 2012: has the details, with closer and shorter fences. And in a move that ought to appeal to fans who feel the ballpark isn't Mets-centric enough, the club will paint that new outfield fence blue. Not only is it not the Mets' primary color, but the black fence added a gloomy, dungeon-like effect to the cavernous outfield. Perhaps, the tighter, brighter dimensions will make the park more appealing to power hitters -- both potential acquisitions and prospects from the farm system. One of Citi's most annoying features, the Mo Zone, that section of right field that suddenly and confusingly juts back, is being brought even with the rest of the fence.

Congratulations to the Cardinals

With the Cardinals wrapping up their 11th World Series title, I searched to find the right pictures to post. Certainly St. Louis' symbol the Gateway Arch has a place. So does a salute to the master tactician Tony LaRussa, seen here at Spring Training in 2005 -- especially as he oversaw their remarkable September charge to the Wild Card, and upsets in the three rounds of post-season play.


Nelson Cruz turned in an unprecedented performance for the Texas Rangers: his two-run homer Saturday night raised his ALCS totals to six home runs and 13 RBIs — both major league records for a postseason series. I caught him at Yankee Stadium last June in a game the Rangers likely forgot as quickly as they could. Prior to Cruz's feat, the only players with five homers in a single postseason series were Reggie Jackson, Ken Griffey Jr., Juan Gonzalez and Chase Utley. The previous post-season RBI record was 12 by Bobby Richardson and John Valentin. As good as he's been since coming to Texas (in the same deal that brought them free agent-to-be Carlos Lee), it's surprising to note that he failed to impress during his days in three other organizations -- the Yankees, A's and Brewers.

He Wasn't Bunting Tonight

Don Kelly (seen here in Grapefruit League play) shocked the Yankees tonight when he homered off Ivan Nova in the top of the 1st inning. Delmon Young followed with another solo shot to give the Tigers a lead they would not relinquish. Detroit's 3-2 win sends them onto the American League Championship Series for the first time since 2006.

A Soggy Situation

Rain and baseball don't mix... as the Tigers and Yankees saw first-hand last night. This shot, taken during a similar soaker a year ago, shows how a storm totally obscures the brightness and grandeur of Yankee Stadium. Notice something interesting by checking the scoreboard and its image of the tarp: we have the electronic counterpart to Norman Rockwell painting a picture of himself painting a picture of himself...