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De-constructing Shea

Driving past Shea Stadium in recent weeks, I've seen a unique process -- the de-constuction of a ballpark. With its replacement Citi Field nearing completion, the Mets have decided to dismantle their old home, instead of knocking it down -- implosion, the controlled explosion process, is apparently not permitted in New York. ( CLICK ON ANY PICTURE to view it full sized .) So while the Mets said "Goodbye Shea" last September, those driving up the Whitestone Expressway have had a longer time to say farewell -- step-by-step, girder-by-girder. Thus, a rather unique chapter in this baseball gallery. While Shea slowly fades from view, Mets fans can already see their impressive new home. This New York Times story offers more details on what you've just seen: l

This Man Had a Wonderful Life

Last summer when baseball's All Star Week Fan Fest came to New York, it included a feature display on Bill Werber, a truly fascinating baseball character. He celebrated his 100th birthday last summer -- and was still doing interviews during which he reminisced about breaking into the majors on the team commonly known as Murderer's Row. As baseball focused on Yankees history that week, Werber, the last surviving teammate of Babe Ruth -- and later a standout player on the Cincinnati Reds -- was honored, as well. (Click on the picture to read the text from the exhibit.) One of those people any fan would enjoy having the chance to chat with over a round of cold beer. Imagine, this man played with Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and Bill Dickey!! He and Dickey, both crafty guys, had the rare distinction of being able to beat the Yankees' legendary numbers 3 and 4 -- albeit in card games on the mammoth train rides that were a part of 1930s baseball. Last year he marked his 100th birthda

If There's Snow on Your Lawn

Let's hope a few glimpses of spring training make you smile. We're less than six weeks from when pitchers and catchers report. In the case of the Cardinals and Marlins, it's to Roger Dean Stadium in Jupiter, Florida. There's nothing like a ballpark entrance decorated with palm trees. Yes, in March 2005, we really did sit right behind the foul screen -- as Cardinals superstar Albert Pujols completes his home run trot.