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The New House in the Bronx

My first game at the new Yankee Stadium started with a bang -- as Phillies shortstop Jimmy Rollins homered to short right field on the first pitch of the night from Yankee starter A.J. Burnett. (Above: he's ready to make contact; below: he's about touch home plate with the run.) As I said on my early April visit for the pre-season workout, the new Stadium appears impressive, bordering on majestic. Good sightlines, an excess of amenities including the world's largest video replay board and a sense of connection to both the original and renovated (1970s) predecessor. Phillies outfielder Jayson Werth joined the home run parade (there were seven in this game) with a laser shot that landed (below) in the middle deck in the left field seats. This did not happen in the old stadium. Now, bombs like his seem nearly routine. The one issue is how small the new Stadium plays. While the distances to the outfield fences are identical to its predecessor, it plays very small. 82 home runs

Finally Feeling at Home

Nick Swisher's first eight home runs as a New York Yankee were all hit on the road. Last night, his lefty stroke finally sent one to the new Yankee Stadium's very inviting right field porch. He earns today's "attaboy," with several shots of him in action this March at the Yankees other home, Steinbrenner Field in Tampa. Swisher clearly loves playing ball and interacting with fans. What I'm sorry I didn't snap was how, before the game, he came over and chatted with the fans. Clearly, this extrovert loves every minute of what he does.

Think Blue

With the Mets visiting Los Angeles this week, it's a good time to share a few more views of Dodgers Stadium. These are from opening day 2008. The "Think Blue" sign in the distance is the Dodgers' variation on the classic Hollywood sign. From our seats in the grandstand, we had a clear view of the Dodgers bullpen. Below: opening day featured the classic Dodgers-Giants rivalry, including this acrobatic catch by San Francisco centerfielder Aaron Rowand. Above: the hilly terrain of Chavez Ravin outside Dodger Stadium. And below, the distinctive tower rising from the ballpark's upper deck.

One of the Phillies' rising stars

Tonight on TV, I saw Jayson Werth of the Phillies steal home for an insurance run against the Dodgers. A steal of home is so rare and exciting, I thought it earned Werth an "attaboy." Here are a couple of shots of him from a spring training game in March against the Yankees.