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A Little Help From My Friends

Thanks to former WCBS-FM colleague Phil DeGasperis for this pair. (Above) The impressive entrance of the Stadium. (Below) Sunset during a night game in the Bronx. CCNY classmate Bryan Nazario -- whose stunning black-and-whites from the thunderstorm-soaked doubleheader in August 1968 were featured in a prior entry -- took the Stadium tour this past spring. As you can see, he made it to the Stadium press box before I did. Finally, a few more of mine -- this one from the 2000 season. Time-stamp this one June 25th, 2005: Outside the park, a smokestack used during the 1970s renovation painted to resemble a bat and became a landmark, visible from the Major Deegan Expressway -- and a popular spot to meet friends before or after a game.

A Few More Glimpses of the Cathedral

With the Yankees playing their final day game at the present stadium, this set of photos comes from Old Timers Day 1982. August 7th,1982, as the greats of the past -- Yankees and opponents -- line up on the baselines. In the regular game, the Yankees hosted the Texas Rangers. While "55" is more recently associated with Ramiro Menodoza and Hideki Matsui, Roy Smalley donned the double-nickel in 1982. A 9-1 win for the Yanks. For all the details on this game, click here:

Dodger Stadium 1991

The spacious, open look, while emblematic of California, also shows what Shea Stadium could have become but wasn't -- rounded, airy and '60s-contemporary. Our first visit to LA's baseball palace came in May 1991 -- back when the O'Malley family still owned the ballclub, and maximizing advertising signage was not the priority it has since become. Having lucked into box seats, my friends and I came early. During pre-game practice, pitcher Roger McDowell walked by where we were seating -- and actually posed when I called out his name. Through a lucky connection (I was writing a show for the FM side of the radio station that aired the Phillies games), McDowell was nice enough to autograph and return the print. That famous video board was also seen in Naked Gun -- From the Files of Police Squad. The Three Amigos from CCNY -- yours truly, alongside Charles Richelson and Dennis Murray.