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Hot Stove Photo #10

From last summer's Old Timers Day: Roy White, a classy Yankee who spanned the lost decade that began in the mid-'60s to the "Bronx Zoo" championship seasons of the '70s. His career stats, courtesy of

Hot Stove Photo #9

Even in the minor leagues, scoreboards are a lot more sophisticated these days. No more dot outlines of clapping hands. Lehigh Valley employs The Simpsons when it's time to pump up the energy level.

Hot Stove Photo #8

Check out this pickoff move as Yankee pitcher CC Sabathia tries to catch the Mariners' Milton Bradley wandering too far off 1st base.

Happy New Year

Fernando Tatis, touching home here after a 2010 homer for the Mets, is one of the few major leaguers of note born January 1st. His signature moment took place in a Cardinals uniform on April 23rd, 1999, when Tatis became the only player ever to belt two grand slam home runs in the same inning! Both came against Chan Ho Park of the Dodgers. The most notable January 1st baseball birthday boy made his name with the long ball, too: legendary Tigers slugger Hank Greenberg, born exactly 100 years ago today.