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Hot Stove Photos #5, 6, 7

Nationals Park does a good job of celebrating Washington, DC baseball history. A series of oversize collages on the main level spotlight both the Senators and the Homestead Grays, the Negro League team that featured Hall of Fame catcher Josh Gibson. They also note other black baseball pioneers, such as Jackie Robinson and umpire Emmett Ashford. Even a glimpse of Ted Williams managing the final Senators teams. Be sure to click on these images to enlarge them and see the stories that go along with the historic photos.

Hot Stove Photo #4

McCoy Stadium in Pawtucket, Rhode Island (home of the Red Sox Triple-A farm club) features perhaps the most unique dugouts in baseball. As opposed to the typical layout of being in front of the field boxes, they're recessed beneath the lower level grandstands.

Old Team, New Number Needed

Cliff Lee's news conference made his return to the Phillies official. And while he'll be back at Citizens Bank Park for the next few summers, with familiar teammates such as Ryan Howard, Cole Hamels, Chase Utley and Shane Victorino, you'll see him in some new laundry. Last year, when Roy Halladay replaced him in the Philadelphia rotation, he wore #34, Lee's number the year before. So look for Cliff Lee sporting #33 as he joins the newfound version of The Four Aces (along with Halladay, Hamels and Roy Oswalt).

Hot Stove Photo #3

Was he the George Steinbrenner of his day, or was "The Boss" the Jacob Ruppert of his?

Werth's New Home

Jayson Werth's seven-year, $126-million mega-deal brings him to Washington and the less-cozy confines of Nationals Park. Here's a look at the outfield he'll soon patrol and the left field power alley he'll swing toward.

Hot Stove Photo #2

Here's an annoying example of TV intruding into a game. As David Wright of the Mets rounds 3rd and heads for the plate after a home run, he's trailed by an ESPN field camera. I know the networks want to bring you "inside the action." But maybe this is going to far. Or do you disagree?