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Spotlight: Albert Pujols

At yesterday's Mets - Cardinals game, I decided to focus my lens on Cardinals 1st baseman Albert Pujols. Considered baseball's best all-around player, this hitting machine is more than capable in the field and even leads the team in stolen bases. So let's enjoy the excellence of a player who appears on track to having his number 5 retired next to that of the all-time greatest Cardinal Stan Musial and to one day join him in Cooperstown. Finally, a ballgame in Queens across the boat basin from LaGuardia Airport just wouldn't be complete without at least one plane flying overhead.

It's been so foggy and rainy...

...that I felt the need to post some Spring Training images. Florida souvenirs of perfect baseball weather. Above: the Astros' March home in Kissimmee. Below two: Steinbrenner Field in Tampa.

Misty and Foggy

Those skeptical of global warming can cite last night's weather conditions at Citi Field -- a damp 58 degrees accented by dense fog and a steady mist -- on June 11th. It initially looked as if skies were going to clear when we arrived. The tarp-covered field shot from the outfield food court. Above: One of New York's new sports celebrities threw the ceremonial first pitch -- Football Giants 1st round draft choice Hakeem Nicks. As a wide receiver, wouldn't it have been more appropriate if he'd caught the ball and Eli Manning had thrown it? Some scenes from Citi on a night reminiscent of the 1986 post-season. But that was October -- this was mid-June. Above: Many ballplayers can say they went to William Howard Taft High School. 46 year old Phillies starting pitcher Jamie Moyer is the only one who can say he went to William Howard Taft's inauguration. Looking like baseball's best off-season signing, Phillies left fielder Raul Ibanez. The former Royal and Mar