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The Kingdome

As a "high 5" on the birthday of Mariners broadcasters past and present -- Ken Levine and Dave Sims -- here's a look back on what happens when even the best of architectural intentions don't pan out -- Seattle's Kingdome, one-time home of the Mariners and the NFL's Seahawks. The idea of shielding fans from Seattle's frequent rainstorms made sense, but functionally it provided for an odd baseball experience. Dark, distant, almost industrial. My one and only trip there was for a Yankees weekend visit in May 1993. Getting inside well before gametime, Dennis and I had the chance to explore. You couldn't help but sense the detachment one felt in the in the upper deck, far from the action, if baseball on a budget was all you could afford. Of course, even in the years before the Jeter-Rivera dynasty, the Yankees were always a good draw on the road. Maybe a better lens would have done the Kingdome more justice or perhaps, that's how it really was perc