More From the New Yankee Stadium

Just as its predecessor did, Yankee Stadium rises out of its Bronx neighborhood. Not quite as famous as Wrigleyville, or the area surrounding Fenway Park, it's clear this is an urban ballpark. This is the view heading south on 161st Street, after leaving the D-train.
The number-4 (elevated) subway runs behind the new stadium. One of the new details is a series of large posters displaying the names, numbers and pictures of the current Yankees.
One of the least liked features of the new Stadium is Monument Park. This shrine to Yankee history is now shoehorned into the space under the restaurant that helps serve as the batter's eye in center field. Now, a distinctive feature is downplayed and downgraded -- the monuments and plaques are rarely seen on TV and far less frequently serve as the landing spot for home runs.
Back to the number-4 train. A post-game view of the glowing Stadium from the station.


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