Finally Watched the Doctor Operate

Yesterday, I finally got the chance to catch Roy Halladay pitch in a Phillies uniform. While he didn't dominate in the first couple of innings as the Mets threatened, he grew stronger as the game rolled on.
The Philadelphia Inquirer's Phil Sheridan noted how Halladay held a polite conversation with home plate umpire Mike Everett after the top of the 2nd inning. He quoted the reigning Cy Young Award winner: "I'm just trying to find out, really, where he's at... For a pitcher, it's always hard to see - you can't really tell if you're a couple inches on or off or up or down. So I was just trying to find out from him how close it was or if it's down or if it's off. Just trying to get a read, really."

Once armed with that knowledge, Halladay shut the Mets offense down completely... tossing seven shutout innings in an 11-0 Philadelphia win.


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