Wayback Wednesday: Back to the Bronx

Here's a souvenir moment worth sharing: page 6 of the 1966 Yankees scorecard and program. The starting outfield of Mickey Mantle, Tom Tresh and Roger Maris.  While not technically "together for the final time," this would be the final season when these three would man the outfield at the original Stadium.  The following winter, Maris would be traded to the Cardinals, while Mantle, plagued by a career-worth of knee injuries, would be moved to 1st base.

(The full page is below.)

While 1966 was a Yankee year to forget, thumbing through the scorecard also offers a chance to smile at better days to come -- with some faces who'd be part of the Yankees '70s turnaround:
The 1966 back cover sponsor disappeared from New York area gas stations by the end of the decade after Sinclair merged with BP.  Recently, a few stations (including one on Main Street in Norwalk, CT) were rebranded with the previous name and logos.  Have you seen one?


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