Minor League Opening Day

While Thursday's big league openers rank as a near-national holiday, the minor league season begins on a milder note.  Smaller crowds, less of that heavily produced "big city" atmosphere, and here in the northeast, chillier weather.  That won't detract from the notion that spring is here, summer is approaching and baseball will help ferry us there. 
At Wednesday's Syracuse media day, I got my first 2023 look at (and chance to chat with) the Mets top prospects, starting with 3rd baseman Brett Baty.

(Above) Mark Vientos;  (Below) Ronny Mauricio

(Above) Catcher Francisco Alvarez with team interpreter Victor Chapman.  (Below) Syracuse manager Dick Scott.

Infield practice... with shortstop Ronny Mauricio getting some reps.
Finally, something new for Syracuse fans this season: inspired by the success of berm seating at many Spring Training parks, the Mets have installed a pair of them down the left and right field lines of NBT Park.  But in a concession to the weather challenges, these areas are Astroturf.  Expect them to be a popular option for families whose small kids are interested in baseball -- but not ready to sit through a full nine inning game.


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